Day trip to Jochpass

My favorite weekends are those that come together at the last minute – when you haven’t made plans and spontaneously decide to book a night or two somewhere you’ve never been, pack your bags and go.  For some reason when I don’t agonize over the details, things seems to fall perfectly into place.

This past weekend we found and booked a hotel on Saturday at 12 pm and were packed and out the door by 2:00.  Our destination was an alpine hotel at 7, 500 feet near Mount Titlis on the Jochpass mountain pass.  To get there required driving to Engelberg, taking a funicular railway and a chairlift. The only caveat was that we had to make the last chairlift at 3:30 or we’d be stuck hiking up the mountain with baby and all of our babycrap stuff. Thankfully we caught the very last lift and made our way to the top.


The original funicular from 1913

The funicular has a vintage feel dating back to 1913. From the funicular, we hopped on a chairlift and made our way to Jochpass and to our hotel Jochpass Bärghuis.  Views from the lift were breathtaking but didn’t hold a candle compared to the views from the top.



The hotel which dates back to the 1930’s was recently renovated with a modern and  quirky sensibility.  It had the raw wood you’d expect of an alpine lodge combine with signage spelled in Swiss German.


Once making it to the hotel we had to indulge in a little snack, a traditional plum tart.

Plum tart

Plum tart

As with most Swiss most mountain lodges, you are required to leave your hiking boots in a ski room and wear their hotel approved footware.  This may be the first and only time you will see me in Crocs.


The following day we woke up to fresh snow and the landscape we admired the day before was completely tranformed. Our kleines Mädchen was not quite sure what to make of it.


Because the trails by the Jochpass were snow covered and slippery we took the chairlift and opted to hike down a part of the way to Engelberg where there would be no snow.



The contrast of the snow covered rocky peaks against the deep green grassy landscape was striking. After about two hours we stumbled upon a small restaurant, the perfect place to stop for some rösti, a well-earned snack.

Another 30 minute walk brought us to the funicular and we were back in Engelberg,  just one hour outside of Zürich.


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