Lions, Elephants and Strollers, Oh My… Just Another Day at the Zurich Zoo.

After three months of doctor ordered house arrest I’ve now been encouraged to do the exact opposite. I can go for walks, traverse the stairs, and move around as I please. Because now that every precaution imaginable has been taken to keep my kleines Mädchen from making an early debut, she’s just chillin’, and in no hurry to grace us with her presence. I suppose playing “head-butt the bladder” is way too much fun to stop now.

So when she’ll make her entrance is anyone’s guess but they say you’re close to labor when you have a burst of energy and the urge to nest or feverishly clean house in preparation for baby’s arrival.  Wondering if this has anything to do with my overwhelming desire to meticulously clean every kitchen drawer and cabinet this afternoon despite it being 80 degrees and sunny outside. If you know me well, you would most definitely confirm that this is atypical behavior.

But despite my newly acquired haus frau tendencies, I did make a concerted effort to leave our apartment this weekend. On Sunday, we spent the day at the Zürich Zoo with a friend and his two adorable daughters. Aside from a glimpse into my sticky stroller filled future, the zoo was quite impressive. With over 360 species of animals in wide open spaces, emulating their native habitats, it was a far cry from the sad and smelly, jail-like zoo I remember from my childhood. (Lovers of the Stoneham Zoo, please forgive me). I suppose if I were an exotic animal and had to live in captivity, the Zürich zoo wouldn’t be so bad. It would be a bit like winning the Zoo lottery and getting to live in the animal equivalent of the Ritz as compared to say… Motel 6.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day. Given the size of the zoo, and the size of my ever-increasing girth, I only managed to see small section but imagine once the kleines Mädchen is a walking, squawking toddler, I’m sure we’ll be back.


After the zoo, we took a leisurely ride through the countryside and stopped for a drink at an outdoor cafe. It never ceases to amaze me how in a matter of minutes or a few miles, you can go from crowded city streets to cow-filled country pastures. This is one of the things I love about living in Zurich.

View of Lake Zurich from Phannenstiel

View of Lake Zurich from Phannenstiel

view from Phannenstiel

View from Phannenstiel

More information on the Zürich zoo can be found here.



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