32 weeks and counting…

It’s been an eventful few months since my last post but undoubtedly the most life-changing news to date is that we are expecting a baby due at the end of May. We couldn’t be more excited and have been completely swept up in preparing for her arrival. Yes, that’s right I said her. We’re expecting a little girl, a kleines Mädchen who will no doubt, soon speak German and ski better than me.

Due to some early complications that put me at risk for preterm labor, I’ve been on modified bed rest and have had to take it very easy for the past eight weeks. I know you’re thinking eight weeks of bed rest?  Sounds insanely boring and yes it can be but I’m quite good at keeping myself busy. I’m lucky enough to be able to do some freelance design work from home. Friends have been coming by. I’ve been taking German lessons via Skype and have come up with several creative projects to keep myself busy.

Not to mention, there’s the constant temptation of online shopping, a recent hobby my husband thinks I enjoy a little too much. Lucky for him, shopping on Swiss websites for someone like me who has designed e-commerce websites for a living is an excruciating experience. I would compare it to forcing an experienced chef to eat at the Olive Garden day after day.  Except, make that Olive garden cost the same as your average Michelin rated restaurant. I’m being a bit dramatic but you get my point.

Case in point!? Can someone please redesign this website?

Case in point!? Can someone please redesign this website?

While being relegated to my my couch is frustrating, I know it is all worthwhile.  My kleines Mädchen is still kicking and cooking at almost 33 weeks, a milestone that seemed light-years away when I was first placed on house-arrest.

Over the next few days and weeks, I’m looking forward to sharing some creative projects, as well as some nursery pics and the ever-increasing size of my belly. These might be intermingled with a few rants pertaining to things like setting up my Swiss Bank account. (Thank you to all those notorious American tax evaders for making this a month long ordeal!)

That said, more exciting things to come but I’d love to share a few small painting projects I have underway. I haven’t painted in years, so I started by copying some photos and/or artwork I found online for the nursery. It must be the nesting instinct but I’ve taken to painting cute animals and their babies (a far cry from the feminist sculpture series made of hair that I created post-college). I tried both acrylic and watercolor. It’s clear I need practice but it feels really good to close the schlepptop occasionally.


My first real attempt at watercolor painting. Not ready to open my Etsy store just yet but I would love to get better at it.


These are acrylic paintings on canvas copied from paintings I found online but couldn’t ship to Switzerland. It appears the zebra ate the giraffe’s lunch. May need to fix that.


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