Friends, family and apple pie

It’s Sunday evening and I should be packing but being a master of the art of procrastination, I’m taking a break, and then going to bed. That’s if I can find my bed under the countless piles of things I’m still debating whether to keep or toss.

The weekend was a fun, friend-filled extravaganza.  It started with a night out with my former college roommates made even more special with an old friend visiting from Arizona.

Then there was the going away/engagement party I planned on the patio at Alibi.  It was a perfectly random mishmash of parents, siblings, cousins, new friends along with those met a lifetime ago. The weather was perfect. I could not have been happier.

Finally, the weekend culminated with dinner at the parents,  typical Sarno style, loads of leftovers, and a giant apple pie for my pie-obsessed fiance. I sometimes think if he had to choose between a lifetime of homemade apple pie and a lifetime with me, he’d think a little too long and hard about the pie.


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