Hallo world!

The countdown is on. In just 10 days I’ll be hopping the pond leaving the familiar, brick lined streets of Boston behind to finally live in the same city as my fiancé in Switzerland.  It’s a move we’ve been planning and looking forward to for quite some time. But OMG, it’s here! I’m moving to Zurich from Boston, where I’ve lived for 15 plus years, had the same job for seven, and do not go a day without running into someone I know.  Whether it’s the gym, office, street, quite literally, people here know my name, and they’re always glad I… ok maybe I should not start this blog quoting Cheers.

I recognize it will be different and with that I’m excited, anxious, not sure what to expect. I keep thinking about the little things that are part of my daily routine that will change. For example, will I join a gym or a yoga studio? And if I do, will they have my most dreaded European phenomenon known as group showers? This American prude can fully change in public locker rooms without actually being naked and cannot/will not partake in group showers.

Group showers aside, I’m really excited for this new chapter but can’t help but be a little sad to leave so many good friends and family behind. I thought this blog might be a great way for friends back home to see what I’m up to and get a sense of what it is really like to live in another country. Plus, I’m not going to have a job for a little while and could kill some time. If anyones asks, I may not be working at the moment but I have a blog.

So with that said, full disclosure: I do not fancy myself a writer and have never blogged a day in my life. I’m usually the one making words look pretty. I typically judge copy based on the rag. So forgive my blog naiveté, the occasional grammatical error or overused cliche. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting, or the very least, amusing.

Lastly, for those at home, incase you were wondering about the name of this blog. Grüezi is the Swiss German word for hello. It is probably the most commonly used word in Swiss German and I can’t quite pronounce it properly…. yet anyway.


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